Oklahoma Facts

  • The average Oklahoma hog factory farm has 24,800 pigs.
  • The average Oklahoma factory-farm dairy has more than 2,400 cows.
  • The average industrial feedlot in Oklahoma has nearly 13,300 beef cattle.
  • There are seven times more chickens on factory farms than people in Oklahoma.
  • There are nearly as many hogs (2.4 million) as people (3.7 million) in Oklahoma.
  • The more than 1.1 million hogs on factory farms in Texas County, Oklahoma produce as much untreated manure as the sewage from the New York City metro area.
  • The 2.4 million hogs, 332,000 beef cattle, 23.7 million broiler chickens, 614,000 egg-laying hens and nearly 29,000 dairy cows on factory farms in Oklahoma produce as much untreated manure as 89 million people — 24 times the Oklahoma population.
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